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A word from our previous guests

Very interesting program, very well organized. It was different to other interviews in that it focused on human qualities.
Dr. Raymond is an excellent interviewer. I would recommend participation in this program to my friends and colleagues

H.E. Benazir Bhutto
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan


Excellent fun! Dr. Hamden is a great host. I really enjoyed it and would absolutely recommend participation in this program to my friends and colleagues. Thank you!

Riz Khan
International Anchor personality

A word from our audience

I listened to 45 minutes of your radio program this evening while driving and I want to congratulate you on this excellent community help. The program provides a unique opportunity of bringing out topics that very often are never brought out in a media forum; and it also provides the medium for the community to get a professional and realistic feedback on these topics.
I genuinely enjoyed the program and do think it is a great service to the community. Good luck and best wishes … 2008

Samir Haddad
Former CEO, Gillette Middle East

In the press


Psychologists united
By Sonali Raha
Published: 04/01/2003(UAE)

The newly-established Emirates Psychological Society aims to be the umbrella organization for mental health care professionals in the Emirates.  Once, people rarely went to a psychologist, believing that seeking professional advice for mental health was, at best, a symptom of weakness. At worst, it showed that you thought you were mad.

Today, education and awareness have removed that stigma and given psychologists their rightful role - that of friends and advisors. Going to a psychologist for advice on physical health.  More and more people in the Middle East are seeking psychological help today, according to psychologists in Dubai. As the profession grows in influence and attracts more practitioners, it needs an umbrella body that can help it fulfill its functions effectively.


In an interview with Tabloid:

Dr Raymond H. Hamden, president, and other Board and Council members of the EPS define the nature, scope, function and mission(s) of the society.  It aims to advance psychology as a science and as a profession in the Emirates. Although it is not a licensing body, it promotes legal practices.

Q: Why it has been formed?
A: Reason one - IUPsyS approached Dr Hamden to head the Middle East North Africa Regional Conference of Psychology (MENA RCP), scheduled in Dubai from December 13 to 18. The collaboration of all professionals is a must for the conference to be effective. EPS provides such collaboration.
Reason two - The EPS creates a professional body of psychologists and related professionals with the mission of science and sharing. This fosters co-operation in the various specialties of mental health.

From our producer

Nsrine's success story!

This woman has actually changed lives! She actually did with Jameela; a divorced Emarati who was suffering from a poor financial situation when her husband left her for no apparent reason and refused to support both her and her two children. Jameela turned to Al Arabiya and used Min Hayatak with Nesrine to let all our listeners share her problems and give her advice. Not only was the advice beneficial but Nesrine also managed to hook her up with a lawyer who was listening in and he has agreed to take on her case in court for free! Now Jameela is on the road to recovery!

Nesrine is also using the expert advice of Dr. Raymond H. Hamden Clinical & Forensic Psychologist (971-4) 365-8498 in the show regularly, he has managed to help stop one of our listeners lose all hope in life. 2004

For thre full story click here


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