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The Program Concept

Every Tuesday at 9 AM Pacific Time on the Voice America Variety Channel


Host: Dr. Raymond H. Hamden
Format: Show/Interview (Pre-recorded or live)
Medium: Radio/Television/Internet  (being considered for Magazine publication to coincide with broadcast media)
Duration: Two Hour
Content: Entertaining and Personal in-depth interviews with prominent personalities.


Media Psychology at its Best - VIP Interview of the personal kind, Forensic Psychology, Terrorism, Hostage Situation, Marriage and Family, Educational,Organizational, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, Cross-Cultural Relations, Clinical, ...  click here for full list

*These will be chosen locally, regionally and internationally, by their merit in their area of activity including; government, business or the performing arts.

*Through penetrating dialogue focus on pertinent factors and expand on areas of perceived listener interest.

*Using well researched background information, Dr. Hamden will guide the guest to reveal personal details little known by the public, thus unveiling his/her character, values, motivational factors, etc


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